And here they are again. Stu Phillips (who else?) wields the baton for this rousing march. Yer Benedict in full effect again, this time as the improbably named Lt Starbuck.
Click Here to go to one of the best Blakes Seven sites around.  A definate must for all.   That uncrowned king of sci-fi music in the 'Seventies, Dudley Simpson, assembles his eponymous orchestra. It's an explosion of high brass, low strings and manic tom-toms. And it's surprisingly similar to STAR TREK during the jazzy middle eighties.  Click Here for the largest Blakes 7 web site!
  That famous early 80's TV series with Wilma, Buck, Twinkie and many other famous cast characters.
Click Here to visit the Official Carl Sagan web site!   Click Here to visit the Official Carl Sagan web site!Vangelis composed this CHARIOTS-esque opus to accompany the sight of Carl Sagan floating onto our screens clutching a giant dandelion seed. AAS fact: Vangelis' real name is Evangelos Papathanassiou.

"The Cosmos, is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be..."
Carl Sagan - 1980, Cosmos.

  The original Star Trek soundtrack - of course starring Capt. James T Kirk, Dr McCoy "Bones", Mr Spock, Mr Checkov, Scotty and Uhura..
  Star Trek - The Next Generation soundtrack.

Star Trek - Voyager soundtrack

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