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AAS is hosting the 2023 Royal Astronomical Society of NZ Conference

Get ready for the most exciting event of the year – the RASNZ Conference! Join the brightest minds in astronomy and those with the keenest interest in the field as we gather to exchange ideas, share cutting-edge research, and promote and extend knowledge of astronomy and related branches of science. 

This conference provides a unique platform for astronomers, astrophysicists, and other related professionals to engage in dialogue and foster collaboration. The Auckland Astronomical Society (AAS) is the host of this year’s RASNZ conference to celebrate our centennial year!

No matter your level of experience, you’ll find something to captivate and inspire you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network, participate in interactive sessions, and explore new ideas with fellow astronomy enthusiasts and scientists. 

Welcome to your universe.

Auckland Astronomical Society was founded in 1923, and with over 600 members, is the largest amateur astronomy group in New Zealand.  We are based at Stardome Observatory and Planetarium in the shadow of Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill, and we’re passionate about sharing our love for astronomy with the people of Auckland.

Meeting on the first four Mondays of every month, the AAS is an incredibly lively and active organisation, and there is something for everyone of all ages, all experience levels and all interests.  If you have a love of the night sky, and a passion about the universe around us, you’ll find a warm welcome at the Society.

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Meet the 2022-2023 AAS Council

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Grant Christie
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Brenton Faithfull
Steve Hennerley
Curator of Instruments
Niven Brown
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Chris Benton
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