AAS Meteor Cameras

The AAS recently purchased two meteor cameras. They have been installed at the Kumeu Observatory site, with one camera facing roughly South East and the other North West. The cameras are now registered with the Global Meteor Network. With the growing number of cameras, New Zealand is starting to get good coverage, with some gaps to be filled in Northland and the Central North Island. Part of the aim, is to use the cameras to calculate the track of any large fireballs and work out the possible landing site and hopefully recover any meteorites.

You can read about the Global Meteor Network here:  https://globalmeteornetwork.org/

The AAS cameras are named NZ002Q and NZ002R. You can see the daily report for the New Zealand cameras here: https://globalmeteornetwork.org/weblog/NZ/index.html

We also upload a sample image from each of the two cameras every fifteen minutes during the hours of darkness. This can be used to monitor the sky conditions at the site.