New Zealand Astrophotography Competion 2023

Announcing that the 2023 New Zealand Astrophotography Competition is now open for entries.

Competition Convenor: Amit Ashok Kamble.

This year, things are a little different and it’s going to be the biggest astrophotography competition we’ve seen so far in NZ. Also, we are another step closer to making entries as easy as possible. We have a shiny new website this year ad plenty of new sponsors. Including QHYCCD and Optlong filters

This year’s judge is Dylan O’Donnell. An Aussie legend who’s more than just a star-gazer. This chap is famous for transforming far-flung cosmic blips into celestial masterpieces, and he does it all with gear that’s more backyard than Hubble. If you’re thinking astrophotography is a tough nut to crack, Dylan’s here to show you it’s as easy as Vegemite on toast.

This year we have 2 new categories:

    Solar system
    Aurorae (New)
    Dark-Sky Reserve (New)

Please read over the rules and conditions of entry before submitting your entries.

Enter the competition now via the website:

So many prizes to give away this year, See all prizes here.

**Competition Closing Date: 24th of September, 2023. Entries will be accepted till 11:59PM
**We are looking forward to seeing all your images and wishing you all clear skies.